MEIL reigns on river integration projects

  • Successfully completed five interlinking projects in India
  • Now Godavari-Elaru rivers integrating with Purushottapatnam Phase-II
  • Godavari- Krishna rivers interlinked with pattiseema Project
  • MP to AP MEIL success stories on river integration

Hyderabad: Purushottapatnam Phase-II commissioning at Jaggampet village, East Godaveridistrict. Trial run of the second phase was successfully completed and it is ready for inauguration. This project integrates Godavari-Eleru Rivers. With this project we can take Godavari water directly to Yeleru reservoir.

The Honorable Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh, Mr. N. Chandrababu Naidu, commissioned two pumps of Purushottapatnam Phase-I inaugurated on 15 th August, 2017. This was executed in a record time of 225 days. With this project three thousand cusecs of Godavari water will draw and supply
to Uttarandra and East, West Godavari district.

Purushottapatnam Phase-II is ready:

MEIL have successfully executed Purushottapatnam Phase-II. The project was designed to draw water from Godavari and take it to Yeleru reservoir through the left bank canal of Polavaram project. Currently Godavari is in dry stage. After June Godavari water will divert to Yeleru reservoir with
Purushottapatnam I, II Phases. This project is useful for East Godavari, Vishakapatnam districts. From last some years Yeleru reservoir facing dry condition, purushottapatnam project will give life to Yeleruayacatt.

In-between August 25 th to November 28 th 1.60 TMC of Godavari water drawn and lifted to Yeleru reservoir. First Phase of this project commissioned 10 pumps, 10 motors and in the second Phase commissioned 8 pumps, 8 motors. Phase-I: Each pump-house consisting of 10 vertical turbine pumps of
10 cumecs capacity. The pumped water will be transmitted through MS pressure main in 5 rows. Each pipe is of 3200 mm diameter, which will run for a length of 10.10 Km. The power requirement is estimated to be 90 MW for minute therefore MEIL commissioned 220/11kV substation. Phase-II: Each
pipe is of 3.20mm diameter, which will run for a length of 27Km.

MEIL first step in river integration:

The Narmada-Kshipra (NKSL) project at Madhya Pradesh, which is the first river-linking project in India,was successfully commissioned by MEIL. Narmada-Kshipra project commissioned successfully by MEIL and Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Sivaraj Singh Chouhan inaugurated on 27th March, 2014. The reason behind the success is diligent planning and extraordinary execution skills of MEIL team. The NKSL project provides water to lakhs of people in numerous towns and villages in the Malwa region of Madhya Pradesh. Malwa region of Madhya Pradesh suffering with backwardness and
faced huge water problems.

This place is located at 400 meters up from sea level therefore water supply with canals is not possible. In this condition Government taken up NKSL Project. MEIL started works on 12 th October 2012 within the short spam the project was handover to MP Govt. 5 cumecs of water will supply to 47 km, Megh has completed three Phases of lift scheme with the capacity of 27.5 MW. Water lifts from 228 meters to 576 meters.

Rebirth of KC Canal: Mucchumarri MEIL set a new record by executing another river linking project Mutcchumarri in Andhra Pradesh. Muccumarri based on Srishailam backwater. Lifting water from Srishailam Project and supplying through KC canal to Kurnool district farmlands.

Mutcchumarri project is a critical part of the Handri-NivaSujalaSravanthi (HNSS) project and the KC Canal. The Honorable Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh, Mr. Chandrababu Naidu, dedicated the scheme to the nation on 8 th September, 2017. This project is designed to draw Krishna water from
mucchumarri village to Penna River through KC canal. This project is the part of Krishna-Penna rivers integration.

Once it’s a dream… Now it is real… the dream comes to true with MEIL. The HNSS is the largest lift irrigation project in India. Such longest, highest, and difficult to execute pumping stations were hitherto not constructed in India. This is first such project built in India. In the first phase of the project, MEIL constructed 8 pumping stations. Each pumping station consists of 12 high capacity pumps and motors. These pumps lift water to a height of 200 meters.

At Malyala village in Kurnool district, the elevation is 254 meters, and at the eighth pumping station, it is438 meters. MEIL has proved its mettle by supplying water to the drought-prone, desert-like areas inRayalseema, with any major setbacks and challenges for the last six years. A total of ten pumping
stations were constructed across a length of 220 km. to supply water for irrigation and drinking water purposes.

Similarly, MEIL set a record by successfully lifting water from River Krishna during the flood season without any delays and interruptions. In this project 2017 September to 2018 March pumped 29.08 TMC of water.

Pattiseema Project is one of the prestigious river linking projects which has taken up by MEIL. With this project integrated two longest rivers of south India Godavari and Krishna. Pattiseema project has entered LIMCA book of records as the largest project executed in Asia in a record time. In the
irrigation sector, it is the first river integration project completed in South India.

The project foundation at 29 March 2015 and MEIL completed this project early of its target on 29 March 2016. Within 163 days of period started diverting Godavari water to Krishna. The project contains 24 motors and 24 pumps with a combined capacity to discharge 8500 cusecs of water. In the ensuing months, the project will provide irrigation water to almost 7 lakh acres in the Rayalseema region. In 2015 within 93 days pumped 4 TMC’s, next year within 137 days pumped 55.6 TMC’s, In 2017, the Pattiseema Project set a new record by pumping 100 TMC of Godavari water in 148 days, which is another notable distinction achieved by MEIL.