History of Bathukamma Festival

       Bathukamma is a popular Festival in Telangana state.This Festival is celebrated for 9 days.Women cleans their houses and decorates their house  and streets to participate in the Festival of Flowers.

       Women appears in the beautiful Traditional Sarees by carrying plates of flowers with different colours and species.They decorate the plate with flowers in a circular arrangement with layers to make a conical arrangement.

Flash strike of Junior Doctors at Gandhi Hospital

     On Wednesday Morning,the junior doctors at Gandhi Hospital  went on a flash strike and boycotted their regular duties after 2  junior women doctors were allegedly attacked by relatives of a deceased patient in the early hours.

     On Wednesday,70 year old,Md Muneer was brought to the emergency department of the hospital in the early hours  and the patient died while undergoing treatment.This trigged a violent response from the relatives who brought Muneer to the hospital.

Hyderabad Teen Jumps from 5th Floor due to Extreme Pressure


     On Monday Evening,a teenager jumped off the 5th floor of a building in Hyderabad when he thought his dreams were coming crashing down. Luckily for him and his parents, he fell on a heap of sand, and survived, though he broke two bones in his legs.
     The Intermediate Student said he was beaten by 2 teachers with a stick and they even slapped him but the principal had summoned  his father to school the next day and said he would be given a Transfer Certificate.

Suspicious Death of Woman in her House

       On Sunday,a 20-year-old woman was found dead under suspicious circumstances in her home in LB Nagar.Her Family claiming it as murder while her husband has told the police that she killed herself.

     According to the police, Harika was married to her cousin Rishi Kumar(26), a private employee and they were living in Rock Town Colony in LB Nagar.

2BHK Housing Scheme

     On Monday,Telangana State Chief Secretary S P Singh said the departments  should speed up works on the prestigious 2BHK housing scheme launched by the State government for the poor.

      At a meeting with senior officials of the Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC), Municipal Administration and Urban Development and the Housing Department, the CS said that the executing department must work in tandem with the revenue department.

Parents killed their Own Daughter

   An Incident taken place in venkatam peta, Nalgonda District.Parents killed their Own Daughter just because she was moving close with a boy among her friends.

   They killed her by choking her neck and cremated her body with kerosene.And they tried to make it look like a suicide after 4 days of this incident.But Police declared it as Murder after enquiry.They were taken to custody.

Brain Dead Persons Donated Organs Under Jeevandan Scheme

   Under the State-Run Jeevandan Organ Donation Scheme,the family members of 2 persons Kasarla Raj Kumar and Vuttla Srinivas Rao who were declared as Brain Dead by attending Neuro-Physicians  have decided to donate organs of the deceased

   On Wednesday, September 13, Kasarla Raj Kumar, a 50-year-old businessman from Mandamarri, Mancherial, complained of Giddiness and high blood pressure. The relatives immediately shifted him to a local hospital for treatment and later to Global Hospital in Hyderabad on Friday, September 15.

GHMC is Against the Usage of Plastic Bags


      The Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC) has decided to take serious action on sale and usage of plastic covers below 50 microns in the city from October 2.

      This decision was taken because the large scale of plastic bags are leading as a blockage in Manholes.The Municipal corporation was taking this as important for free flow of water in pipes and Manholes without any blockage.The focus is mainly on Meat shops.