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This Red Wine Bottle Cost more than RS 26 Lakhs

Red Wine,Australia,Cost

This Red wine bottle has been snapped up at auction for Aus$51,750 (US$40,825) in Australia.  Now it was stands number one of Australia's most expensive wine sales.

Penfolds, which has been producing wine since 1844.However, the company put a 1951’s Bottle to the Auction. It is believed fewer than 20 bottles of the 1951 vintage still exist, with a handful in private ownership and the rest in the Penfolds Museum.


Much Interesting news to Ladies

Much Interesting news to Ladies

Most interesting and good news to ladies…. Ladies, do not hesitate and shy to put on your sexy, body hugging clothes to office any more. According to the studies, wearing short skirts, tight-fitting dress  to offices will not only make you look better, slimmer and attractive, but will make you look more intelligent and faithful.

This Sub Inspector wins Mrs. India 2017 Title

Kanisha Garg,Mrs.India

Yes this sub inspector won the prestigious Mrs. India 2017 Title. Kanisha Garg of Udaipur in Rajasthan ha s become new Mrs. India, 2017. She earned fame as actress in Hindi serials on TV.Her most famous role is that of a sub inspector in a crime thriller.

She later worked as a model for prominent companies. She got married and won Srimati Udaipur title in 2016.

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INDIA best place in the World for lipstick lovers


Yes you are reading right one. If you are living in India, chances are you are paying a lot less for your lipsticks than other countries around the world.

As per reports , India is the second most affordable market for beauty products and treatments around the country.  At $14.36 (Rs 926), the average cost of a lipstick in India is the lowest in the world.

Accidentally: Woman Grinds Tomato chutney with Snake

Woman,Snake,Tomato Chutney, Grinds

A woman made tomato chutney with a snake accidentally on Thursday.

Golla Rajamma of Khilla Ghanpur made the chutney for the breakfast. She boiled the tomatoes and other ingredients and took a grinding stone to make it into a paste. Unnoticed of the snake lying in the hallow bottom of the stone, she smashed the snake along with the tomatoes in it and made chutney.

21 participants fall ill due to rain after attending Yoga day


Twenty one participants, including several children, today fell ill due to adverse weather after taking part in the International Yoga Day programme which was attended by Prime Minister Narendra Modi here at the Rambai Ambedkar grounds.

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Want to be Happy? Try this…


Are you really wanted to be Happy??? Then Sleep for seven hours and six minutes .. According to the new Survey that reveals people who are ‘perfectly happy’ sleep for precisely seven hours and six minutes. In the survey they identified who slept a little less than that rated themselves ‘mostly happy’ while those who said they were ‘somewhat happy’.

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Horrible : Snake comes out from AC to EAT RAT


Snake comes out from the AC to EAT Rat!!! This scene video has gone viral as people are terrified of this new possible entry way for snakes into any household.

Shot in an ordinary house, the snake is seen entering the house through the gap in a split AC’s flaps as the shiny serpent glides through the open air conditioner and gets hold of the rat.

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OMG: Hungry Goat Eats Rs 66000 Cash


If goat feels hungry it will eat grass, right?  But shocking this goat ate nearly Rs 66000 cash. An Incident, one businessman Sarvesh Kumar of Uttar Pradesh has kept some amount to purchase Bricks. Before going to shower he kept that amount on the couch.

Unexpectedly, the goat who was hungry has eaten Rs.66,000 without leaving proper notes and only one note of Rs.2000 was left that too in pieces. Owner of the goat didn't get angry and residents of the people have gathered to see the goat and they even took selfies with the goat.