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Symbol of true Love: Acid Victim Beautiful Love Story…All you need to know

Acid Victim,Lalita Benbansi,Rahul Kumar

A young girl named Lalita Benbansi received a call from a wrong number. This one call bloomed into a love story that social media cannot seem to stop gushing about today.

And you cannot quite blame them. It is a beautiful story.

The acid burnt most of Lalita's face, due to which she had to undergo 17 surgeries at the Bombay Hospital and Masina Hospital in Mumbai.

As her treatment continued, Lalita, around two months ago, received this particular call from an unknown man named Rahul Kumar. As luck would have it, the two met, fell in love, and decided to get married.

We can Order Food from Facebook


Yes..Soon we can order food from facebook. Facebook is now coming with the new option to order our favorite foods in facebook. The option is “Order Food" to select users which will let them orders food directly from its app.

Facebook confirmed that the "Order Food" functionality is related to the October news of Slice and food ordering functionality via restaurants' Facebook Pages.

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Do You Know??  Vegetables Harmful for Children


Did you Know…Vegetables very dangerous to Children…be careful of your Children..According to the the European Association of Pediatric, Gastroenterology, Hepatology and Nutrition experts are advising that without the adequate medical advice and dietary supplements, Providing Vegetarian to children will give problems.

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Do you know? Smiling can make you look Older


Want to look younger??? So Don’t Smile. A smile might be not right for that. According to the latest studies smiling can make you appear three years older and surprise is the right for looking young. Smiling faces were considered to be the oldest, while surprised faces were regarded as the youngest.

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Do You Know??? Writing can help to reduces stress related problems

Writing,Stress,Heart problems,New study

Did you know??? Writing can help to decreases your stress related problems… According to new study spending some time writing about our experiences in a certain way can help reduce the harmful effects of stress on the heart.

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Liquor Loving Rats Drank 9 lakh liters


Yes. You read it Right.. The Liquor Loving Rats Drank nearly 9 lakh liters alcohol the Bihar police claimed.

According to the media reported that the seized bottles of liquor were missing from police station stores.

At a recent meeting of the state police, it was said that some of the seized bottles had been destroyed, and what was left was finished off in the stores by liquor-loving rats.

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World Press Freedom Day: 54 Attacks on Journalists in India in 16 months

World Press Freedom Day,Attacks,Journalists

As many as 54 attacks on journalists were reported in 16 months, mainly by "lawmakers and law enforcers", a report compiled by media watchdog Hoot said on Tuesday, a day ahead of the World Press Freedom Day. The report said the actual figure could be much higher as a minister told Parliament that "142 attacks on journalists took place between 2014-15".

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Do You Know?? Facebook Can Reduce Exam Stress !!!!

Facebook,Exam Stress,researchers

Yes… Facebook likes and comments can help to reduce Exam stress in Exams. According to a study comments and likes from Facebook friends before an exam can help reduce stress and nervousness in students

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Do you Known??? “Beer” Better Painkiller than Paracetamol !!

Beer, Painkiller,Paracetamol


Beer lovers, rejoice! A couple of pints of your favourite drink may be a better pain reliever than paracetamol, new research claims.

Researchers from Greenwich University in the UK looked at 18 studies involving more than 400 participants. They analysed if drinking beer could blunt the sensation of pain by acting on brain receptors or if it could lower anxiety, which then reduces the perception of discomfort. The researchers found that the more beer people consumed, the less pain they felt.