CM KCR Performs Attender’s wedding grandly at Pragathi Bhavan

CM KCR,Attender’s wedding,grandly,Pragathi Bhavan

Telangana State Chief minister KCR performed his Attender’s Marriage at Pragathi Bhavan Very grandly. A Attender Satish , who has been working for KCR over 12 years as his personal Attender. He is the one who knows everything about CM KCR from morning to night - breakfast, meals, medicines, etc. for KCR.  CM KCR performed attender marriage with  a suitable girl and presented the new coupe everthing needed such as flat,gold and other things.


Competition of Hyderabad is Global….Why bother about neighbour State??

Competition,Hyderabad,Global,neighbour,minister KTR

In an Interview Telangana State IT Minister KTR stated that the competition for Hyderabad is World Wide, and that Amaravati will not pose a challenge.

Further he said that Hyderabad is a leader in sectors like information technology, pharmaceuticals and life sciences. We are now taking these to the next level.

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76 years Old Man arrested for harassing a girl

76 years Old Man,arrested,harassing a girl

Telangana police were arrested 76 years old Man for harassing a girl. As per Police Information that the Old man had been harassing a 24 years MBA student over a phone call. The 76 years old man name Vinod Diwan a resident of Sainikpuri in kushaiguda, under SHE team the police were arrested him.


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Killer Heat wave in Telangana: Five Day Heat Wave Warning

Heat wave,Telangana,Warning


The department of Indian Meteorological has given warning instructions to Hyderabad a five-day heat wave condition warning for all districts of Telangana State. On Friday the warning came for the next five days, with officials saying that chances were of the maximum temperature, recorded at 42.4 degree Celsius in the city, rising further up. Though a partly cloudy sky with a possibility of thunder was predicted for Saturday, chances of rain were minimal with the weekend to be very hot.

CM KCR Launches New Flag of Telangana Police

CM KCR,New Flag,Telangana Police

Telangana State chief minister KCR ha s launched New Flag of Telangana Police at Hitech International Convention Cetre. On the part of occasion CM KCR stated that Telangana police is one of the most disciplined forces, the report said that the Centre as well as other states are looking up to it for guidance.

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TS continues to top e-transactions in the country

Telangana,e-transactions,country,minister KTR

The Telangana State IT Minister KTR stated that the Telangana state Continues to top cashless transactions in the country and in providing e-governance services to the people.

Further he said that the govt was trying its best to make at least one member of a family become digitally literate as part of its digital programme.

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CM KCR Review meets for Beautification Karimnagar to attract tourists

CM KCR,Beautification,Karimnagar,attract tourists

Hon’ble Chief Minister Sri K. Chandrashekar Rao said that keeping in view the speciality of Karimnagar, the Manair Dam River Front should be developed and exercise should be done on what are the tourist attracting things to create to make it a wonderful experience for the tourists. The CM said that the facilities and other attractions at the River Front should be created in such a way that everyone visiting various places in Karimnagar should invariably visit the River Front area.

GHMC to use new technology to monitor Works

GHMC,new technology,monitor Works

GHMC is planning to introduce new technology to monitor engineering works in the state. This was announced by officially. A foolproof Mechanism ‘Web Cloud’ to control possible exploitation and bring out transparency and accountability. The technology is also useful to check irregularities and misuse of funds in the engineering works.

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Telangana Assembly instructions to District Collectors

Telangana Assembly,instructions,District Collectors

Telangana state Assembly given some important Instructions to all District collectors in the State. The TS Assembly chief Secretary S P Singh has given instructions to District collectors for distribute the KCR Kits on formation day June 2.

Through the video Conference Singh told to collectors to make arrangements to Distracts and Area Hospitals and  PHC without and hassle. He also explained that the pregnant women who got admitted to government hospitals for delivery would get KCR Kit and financial assistance.

Minister KTR Brings Tears on incidence of cancer infected girl death

Minister KTR,Tears,cancer infected,girl death

A cancer inflicted girl name Sai Sri died after failing to make her father to provide for treatment on Sunday in Vijayawada.

The girl and her mother were in helpless situation because of lacking of money, her father Siva Kumar, a rowdy sheeter and having political patronage of the local MLA Bonda Uma, occupied the house and threw both of them out. Struggling with cancer, the girl had requested her father to allow them to sell off the house so that she can get better treatment but in vain.