This District will be developed as the London of the Telangana: CM KCR

CM KCR,Haritha Haram,Karimnagar

On the Occasion of the Telangana State Haritha Haram Phase 3 Telangana state chief minister has started the Programme by the Planting the saplings in Karimnagar District.

Later addressing the public meet CM KCR Stated that Karimnagar could be developed as the London of the Telangana State.

On the same way CM KCR Expressed the hope that the place should give the impression of dense forest if someone seeks to take an aerial view of it after a couple of years. Shaping Karimnagar into a eco green city was not impossible when people become part of the drive.

CM KCR Plants the Mahogany Sapling

Cm KCR,Mahogany sapling

On the Occasion of the Haritha Haram Phase 3 Telangana State chief minister KCR planted the Mahogany Sapling.  Financial Minister Etela Rajendar Welcomed the CM KCR at Karimnagar. On the event Minster Etela Rajendar, Jogu Rammana and other leaders were participated.


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Haritha Haram: Minister KTR plants saplings along with students

Haritha Haram,Minister,students

Telangana State IT Minister KTR started the planting saplings at botanical gardens in Hyderabad on the occasion of the Haritha Haram Phase 3.Minister KTR planted the Saplings along with the school students.

 Minister Nayani Narsimha Reddy and Forest Corporation chairman, Narender Reddy too, participated in the programme is Haritha Haaram .

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Telangana: Rains to Favours Haritha Haram Programme

Telangana,Rains,Haritha Haram Programme


The first phase of ‘Haritha Haram’ in 2015 failed due to a disappointing monsoon that year, when there were almost no showers till September.

Rainfall is expected to be higher in the coming week, which will very help this phase 3 of the Haritha Haram Programme. The third phase of ‘Haritha Haram’, the ambitious project to green Telangana, is set to begin on July 12, with some 40 crore saplings set to be planted all over the state.

Telangana tries to secure UNESCO Heritage Tag to HYD

UNESCO Heritage Tag,Hyderabad

Speaking at the Deccan Park Inauguration Telangana state IT Minister KTR said that the Telangana state would make every effort to secure UNESCO Heritage Tag to Hyderabad City Just as Ahmadabed has recently been declared by UNESCO.

Hyderabad city has a rich tradition and historical monuments such as the Charminar, Golconda fort, Osmania Hospital, the High Court and Mecca Masjid. The state government will be lobbying with the Centre to forward the request to Unesco minister KTR added.

Oracle Predicts:  Good Rains, Good Harvest, Everything Good for KCR this Year

Oracle,Predicts,Good Rains,Good Harvest,KCR

Oracle predicted that Good Rains and Good Harvest will be happened to the Telangana state. Everything Good for Chief Minister KCR this Year.

Oracular Swarna Latha spoke that at the annual Rangam Fete during the occasion of the two day Bonalu at the secundrabad. She spoke that  there will be good rains, a good harvest, and people will get rid of all evil.

Unlike in the past, this time the oracle Swarna Latha concluded her predictions in two minutes. Chief Minister and his Council of Ministers will enjoy good health this year and they will be richer too.


He is the Brilliant Performer: Minister KTR

Minister KTR,Natural Nani

We all knew that Telangana State IT Minister loves watching new movies whenever he is free or on weekends.

However Minister KTR has praised the actor Nani upon watching few films of the Natural Star in the weekend.

Minister KTR wrote that ‘One of the best actors of this generation has to be @NameisNani. Enjoyed watching a couple of his movies this weekend. Brilliant performer”.

Natural Star Nani’s recent released movie 'Ninnu Kori' is running successfully all over the World.

Minister KTR Opens Deccan Park as the part of Haritha Haram

Minister KTR,Haritha Haram

Telangana state IT Minister KTR opened Deccan Park, in Shaikpet area, amidst joy of the residents as the part of the Haritha Haram  ,a greenery development programme, launched by Telangana government.

On the part of the occasion Minister KTR said Parks are being developed in the city, keeping in mind the worldwide need to preserve greenery.

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This is not a Digital Print … Handloom Talent …

Minister KTR,Handloom Talent

This photo is not printed with graphics or digital technology. This is a miracle made on handloom Saree. Vijay, a handloom weaver of Siricilla has unveiled this Miracle with the help of the technology. He was praised by everyone with this print on handloom Saree. Vijay has proved his talent with the picture. He was presented the saree to Minster KTR.