India should treat IT Crisis as an opportunity

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Addressing the HICC International Communication Technology development in Hyderabad Telangana IT Minister KTR Stated that India should treat IT as an opportunity. The minister KTR stated that Telangana has achieved the first place in the digital transaction and all the IT Sectors like Google, Microsoft, Adobe and others, Indians have been showing their skills. So India should treat IT Crisis as an Opportunity he added.

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BJP MLA Booked for comments on Old City

BJP MLA,Booked,comments,Old City,mini pakistan


BJP MLA Raja Sindh Lodh has booked for the comments on the Old City. Recently in an Interview he has made comments on the Old City. He said that Old city is Mini Pakistan.The MLA claims to be making local youth undergo training to handle lethal weapons so that they could fight if such situations arise. He also dares to say neither constitution nor law is his priority. He even threatened to behead those who oppose Ram Mandir in Ayodhya. Mir Chowk Police filed a case against BJP MLA Raja Singh for his provocative remarks which could lead to law & order issue.

India is high value human Country: Minister KTR

India,high value human,Country,Minister KTR

The Telangana State IT Minister KTR called for collective responsibility of both the Centre and states in sensitizing the students on admission in the black listed universities in the United States of America. While speaking at the Outreach Conference on Consular, Passport and Disapora issues minister KTR stated the Indian students were realizing the harm caused to them only after landing in the America. On the same way he said that India was the major source of low cost and high value human capital.

CM KCR Likely to announce new schemes on Formation day

CM KCR,new schemes,Formation day

The Telangana state government plans to celebrate third year Telangana formation day on June 2nd. On the same day TRS also completes three years in office. The government is planning to launch new schemes on Telangana formation day. The Telangana government has set the theme for celebrations highlighting the culture and traditions of Telangana.

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Five Cops Suspended for links with Gangstar Nayeem

Five Cops,Suspended,Gangstar Nayeem

Finally the Telangana state Police suspended five police officers for links with Gangstar Nayeem. Additional superintendent of police, CID, Maddipati Srinivas Rao, ACP Mirchowk, Mallineni Srinivas Rao, ACP Detective department, M Chintamaneni Srinivas, Inspector Kothagudem Rajagopal, and Inspector Traffic, Sangareddy, Mastan Vali were shown to have direct links with the gangster.

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Minister KTR Advises to Techies on Ongoing issue of Layoffs

Minister KTR,Techies,Layoffs

Telangana State IT Minister KTR has advises techies to Upgrade Better skill sets. Minister KTR held a emergency meeting with the IT Professionals on the ongoing issue of companies layoffs.  Minister KTR held a meeting with higher officials from IT and Labour Departments, and representatives from Telangana Information Technology Association.

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IT Services to Villages & Towns in Telangana

IT Services,Villages,Towns,Telangana

The Telangana state government has launched guidelines on rural technology to boost up the IT services to villages and towns in Telangana. It encourages establishing the Rural Technolgy Centers in other districts including Hyderabad.

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Hyderabad Bus stop made from 1000 waste water bottles

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A Bus Stop in Hyderabad City not the usual see at every center made from brick and cement but a different kind that has left many people in wow of the initiative. As per reports, bus stop in swaroopanagar colony in Hyderabad made by the waste water bottles. It is made with the recycled water bottles and bamboo sticks.

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Telangana Tourism: Helicopter ride begins again

Telangana Tourism,Helicopter,Joy ride

The Telangana state Tourism began helicopter rides in the Hyderabad from the Tuesday. The tourists can enjoy this opportunity till May 14th. The ride beings from necklace road, on the banks of Hussain Sagar Lake. The ride cost RS 3500 per trip. The ten minutes trip will provide a view of NTR Gardens, Tank Band,Lumbini Park, Birla Mandhir, High Court, Charminor, among other places in the City.

Taiwan’s TEEMA invites Minister KTR to Industrial Summit

Taiwan’s,TEEMA,Minister KTR,Industrial,Summit

TEEMA Taiwan Electrical and Electronics Manufacture Association invited Telangana State IT Minister KTR to Taiwan’s Industrial Summit. The Taiwan’s Industrial Summit will held in October this Year. The delegations of Taiwan were met the minister KTR in Delhi. Earlier the minister KTR met the South Korea Ambassador to invite the investments to the State.

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