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Revanth booked.. for making Slanderous and abusive comments on Kcr

Hyderabad: The Jubliee Hills police registered a criminal case against TDP MLA Revanth Reddy for making slanderous and abusive comments on Telangana Chief Minister K. Chandrasheker Rao.
Revanth reddy on his visit to peddamatalli temple at jubilee hills before leaving for Etigadda Kistapur in Medak district,  To join the farmers and villagers opposing the Mallanasagar Project.

City hospital to treat the ill baby

Hyderabad:  Two days back the parents of the ailing baby slammed the doors of a local court seeking permission for mercy killing as their pockets couldn’t afford for the baby’s treatment.
They are hailing from chitoor , A.P C.M Chandrababu Naidus native . Global Hospitals Group has come forward to treat the baby. She is suffering from a congenital liver problem. The baby is diagnosed as biliary atresia when she was examined by Dr. Mohammed Rela, head and chief surgeon.


New Delhi:  The Fake Drug market to cross $ 10 . Billion market in 2017.
HOW GENUINE ARE THE DRUGS AT THE PHARMACY YOU ARE BUYING? Can a consumer tell whether the Pharmacy product wrapped in sleek package is isn’t fake?
Assoc Cham: Approximately 25% of drugs are fake, counterfeit or substandard.
India should take a quick action and adopt International solutions which are necessary to Authenticate medicines and pharmaceutical products that millions of people depend on the combat health conditions.

Finally the nightingales Cry is heard

Koozikode: After an interrogation by police on Friday evening three senior students of Al Qamar college of nursing were arrested after Ragging and attempt to murder a 18 yr old nursing student a month ago by making her forcibly drink phenyl.
The 18 yr old girl burnt her internal organs and her condition still remains critical.
A case against the college Al Qamar College of nursing had been filed.
The first year student, a Dalit has been hospitalized since then. She can neither eat nor drink or even swallow saliva.

Telangana is proving the talent in all way s , khairthabad ganeshas laddu will be from our state

Hyderabad: No more Tapeshwaram laddu for Khairthabad ganesha. Local vendors will be given a chance to prepare the gigantic laddu. The tallest ganesha idol of twin cities in khairthabad will no longer have a gigantic laddu from Andhra Pradesh.
For the past five years we have been getting the laddu from east Godavari district A.P  Malli raju owner of surichi foods use to sponsor the laddu every year .

A killer storm takes 98 lives in china

A violent killer storm in eastern part of china came with gale- force winds and hail which took 98 lives and injured more than 800 people overturning cars ,flattened power lines, and ripped roofs of houses . The storm which moved with a tornado, hits the city mid- afternoon on Thursday.
Pictures on lines shows the damages that happened after the storm took place . the city wears a mourning  with dead , injured damaged houses overturned cars .one showed a man who had apparently tried to shield a women from falling debris.


London: Britain exits the European Union, Rattling all Global Financial markets strongly. Prime minister David Cameron who had backed the Remain Vote , said he was quitting.
The pound value slides to the lowest level against U.S dollar since 1985. At the same time Euro takes a slide too.
It was Historic referendum that ended Britain’s 43 year association with the EU started coming.
The result was very Dogmatic, 51.9% vote for ‘Brexit’ against  48.1% vote to ‘Remain’ – Cameron admits that he finally lost the Battle and would step down by October.

Infosys techie Brutally Murdered by a Stalker – Chennai

CHENNAI: Infosys Techie Swathi.S  who takes a train to her work place from Nungambakka Railway station in Chennai every morning.
On Friday morning the innocent girl not knowing it be her last day in her life went to the railway station waiting on the platform to board a train.
In a shocking incident a man walks up to her with a backpack and both had an heated argument immediately the removes a sickle from his bag attacking on her neck and on her face. And he leaves by the next train.

Tomorrows NIGHTINGALES turn into today’s MURDER’S

Gulbarga: A 19 yr old nursing girl had been harassed by her seniors for being BLACK, and she was forced to drink phenyl.
In a letter she conveyed to the lawyer that , They became very angry and told me no wonder I was 'black'. No surprises that my father abandoned me and my mother. They came barging into my room a little later and said they will teach me a lesson and poured bathroom cleaner to my mouth."
A complaint has been filed against the 2 students who allegedly ragged her, but no arrests have been made so far.  

Anil Kumble makes it to Coach

Former cricketer Mr. Anil kumble joined the race to coach the  Indian team. At Kolkata , kumble made a presentation on his vision for  the Future of Indian cricket, which is believed to have wowed his former team mates. Given his reputation as a tech savvy, articulate cricketer , that came as no surprise..
Kumble is also understood to have enjoyed the support of a politically influential member of BCCI, who backed his candidature because of his no – nonsense reputation.
Kumble emerged as the clear choice because of his cricketing experience he had all this time .