HYD: Celebrities Children in Drugs Victims

Drugs,Hyderabad,Celebrities children

Enforcement Director Akun Sabarwal stated that the CIT is set up with two officers to diagnose the truth in the sensational drugs case in the Hyderabad city. He revealed that 11 people were involved in the drugs cases. Drug victims reported that there were celebrity children Sabarwal stated.

However the Telangana government was focused on the Drugs rackets.  The State government ordered and instructed to immediately set up a full scale investigation. On the other hand, the government expressed concern over school and college students being exposed to drugs.

Minister KTR Visits Sabarmathi Ashram

Minister KTR,Sabarmathi Ashram,Gandhiji


Telangana State Minister for IT KTR on Saturday visited Sabarmanthi Ashram at Gujarat.

 Minister KTR tweeted about his visit that “Privileged to visit and experience Mahatma’s Ashram at Sabarmati. What a simple man, what a glorious life”.

The Minister had attended the Textiles India summit held at Gandhinagar on Friday and is likely to visit the Sabarmati River Front.

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Online and Offline Real Hero

Minister KTR,Social Media,Twitter

Telangana State IT Minister KTR has set a new trend on Social Media sites like twitter and Face book.  His online services are open 24 hours and problems are being resolved at once.

Not just his department, but Minister KTR connects people to the officials or minister concerned of other departments as well.

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Telangana Beauty for the Miss World Beauty Pageant

Telangana,Sravya Kalyanapu,Miss World

Telangana Beauty Sravya Kalyanapu will be contesting in Miss World beauty pageant.

Sravya was born in Aswaraopet of Khammam district. She had already won a beauty pageant and crowned as Miss Northern Alberta in 2017. Now, she will be contesting for Miss World title.

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Minister KTR Special Focus: 300 KM roads in HYD to be improved

Minister KTR.Roads,Hyderabad

Nearly 300 KM roads in Hyderabad city will be improved by the Orders of the Telangana State IT Minister KTR.

Minister KTR directed GKMC engineering teams to focus on road repairs and restoration.

Minister KTR on Thursday Conducted meeting with the Senior Officials , Minister KTR reviewed the plans laid out by the corporation for better maintenance of the roads in the Hyderabad City.

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TS Waits for Center Response


The Telangana state Finance Minister Etela Rajender explained that GST will result in an additional tax burden of Rs 19,200 crore on State projects.

Earlier CM KCR already wrote to the Centre about GST’s impact on key areas such as granite industry, beedi industry, handlooms, Mission Bhagiratha and Mission Kakatiya.

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TS Govt orders to closure all Non-Functioning Bore Wells by July 10

TS Govt orders,Non-Functioning,Bore Wells

The Telangana state Government on Wednesday ordered the Authorities to closure all non Functioning bore wells by July 10th.

Those who wishing to dig a fresh bore well should obtain permission 15 days in advance failing which a penalty of Rs1 lakh will be imposed.  

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T–Hub Phase III in the Pipeline

T–Hub, Minister KTR

The T-Hub Phase-I is already a success and Phase-II is scheduled to be completed next year. The IT Department officials are examining the feasibility of establishing the Phase-III of T-Hub following directions from IT Minister KTR and are gearing up to prepare a detailed report in this regard.

Telangana government is leaving no stone unturned and is keen on laying the foundation for the country’s largest incubation centre – T-Hub Phase-III – to house a whopping 10,000 startups.