Just Tweet It… Solve your Problems in Just 5 Minutes

Tweet,Twitter,Solve Problems

Now everyone using the social media Platforms like Facebook, Social Media on the same way now the social media also became helping handle through solving problems of the people.

However South Central Railway’s Secunderabad Division coming with the new programme for helping people by using Social media platform TWITTER. It has given itself five minutes as the 'first response time' under its 'Mission Five Minutes' for queries on Twitter, the social media platform.

Jnanpith awardee writer and poet C Narayana Reddy passes away

Jnanpith awardee,C Narayana Reddy,passes away

Jnanpith Awardee writer and poet C Narayana reddy passed away on Monday. C Narayana Reddy was a renowned Telugu poet and he wrote several songs for Telugu movies. He was awarded with the  Jnanpith award in 1988 for his poetic work Visvambara which was also translated in three other languages.


CM KCR Biggest Dream Project to fulfill soon

CM KCR,KG to PG,Dream Project

Telangana State chief minister KCR one of the Biggest Dream Project KG to PG Source.  The Telangana government decided to implement KG to PG free education scheme into action.  CM KCR also directed to official to implement this scheme in own Constitution Gajwel. KG to PG Free Education dream is coming true in Gajwel by this year.

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Again CM KCR Good news to Telangana Farmers

CM KCR,Telangana,Farmers

Hon'ble Chief Minister Sri K. Chandrashekar Rao has instructed the officials to procure Paddy from farmers whatever may be the expenditure and make payments to the farmers on time. The CM said that there is a record and bountiful paddy production this year for the first time in the history and as a result heavy quantities of Paddy are reaching the Civil Supplies Purchasing Centres. He said the state government is ready to spend any amount of money to purchase the Paddy and asked the officials to arrange for the immediate payments to farmers without causing any delay.

Rain Gods Bless Telangana…. Good amount of rainfalls

Rain Gods,Telangana, rainfalls

Rain god’s blessed Telangana state…..For the second consecutive day; telangana received a good amount of rainfall.

According to the local weather bureau informed, some parts of Telangana rainfall will be expected in the next 2-3 days.

The associated upper air cyclonic circulation extends up to mid-tropospheric levels and is tilting southwestwards. It is likely to become well marked during the next 48 hours, the IMD-Hyderabad officials said.

Minister KTR Lauds Father CM KCR


While Addressing the TRS Bahirangha Sabha in Adilabad Minster for IT KTR praised his father and Chief minister of Telangana state KCR. Minisiter KTR stated that because of only  CM KCR’s water I supplied to 80,000 acres in land of adilabad. And also KCR only chief  minister in the country to give RS 4k farmer as investment. TRS govt Adilabad is getting manures and seeds in time and said KCR got blessings from God to get rains also in time.

‘LUV HYD’ Favorite for Tourists... Now turns favorite for Suiciders

LUV HYD,Suiciders,Tourists

One of the most favourite tourist places in Hyderabad is Luv HYD in tank band, but now it became favorite place to persons who end their lives in the Hussainsagar.

The suicide hotspots identified by the police are the Pooja Stall, Lepakshi building, Peacock statue and ‘Luv Hyd’ spot. “We have noticed that the latest favorite spot for suicides is the ‘Luv Hyd’ spot on Tank Bund. Usually, when people attempt suicide on other spots, they can be easily spotted and rescued. –Telangana Today

Muslims gets Iftar Gift from Telangana govt

Muslims,Iftar Gift,Telangana govt,KCR

Telangana state chief minster KCR will host an Iftar Party at the Nizam Collage grounds on June 18th. The Government has released Rs 1 lakh each to 432 masjids in the city, for them to host Iftar parties on June 18. Each masjid has also been sanctioned 500 gift packs containing new clothes to be distributed to Muslims for Ramzan.

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Major relief to school Students in Telangana

Telangana,school bags,students

A major relief to school students in Telangana state, the Telangana government is planning to issue guidelines on the weight of school bags soon.

The managements of School and teachers order students and their parents for heavy bags. But from this academic year, the managements intend to change things.

As per CBSE guidelines, Schools should design weekly timetable so that minimum books are required on each day.

Random check of bags to ensure proper weight of bags.

Schools should not prescribe too many additional textbooks.