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Note from
Shreedevi Chowdary
Humanitarian, philanthropist, social activist, actor.

What’s on my mind while I am in Europe attending 72nd Cannes film festival, and I am deeply saddened by so many things which I felt I should write down as I always speak my mind .

Firstly my hearty congratulations to our dear honorable chief minister Jagan Mohan Reddy Garu for landslide victory in Andhra pradesh. You worked hard for long 9 yrs and you have proved yourself as determined , dedicated , and disciplined leader. And as a common citizen I believe that you will be a great leader like late Rajashekhar reddy Garu , whom I deeply admire .

I supported YSR party inspite of my community people getting upset with me , after I posted on my fan page my members dropped by 200 thousand, cause I believe in Jagan’s leadership and one of the reason’s is that this man knows how to respect woman . And this was shown how he treats his mother , sister and wife and this respect for woman started with his woman at home.

 Coming to Chandra babu naidu Garu , I have always admired him as one of the great leaders who is born on this earth.

But I feel he lost his charm when he started making selfish decision , may be he has family pressures to do what he was doing .

As every body who know me , am hard core kamma supporter and I am writing this with so much of pain,

CBN started listening to jokers like narayana of narayana colleges who never had any respect for woman, CM ramesh who only created wealth for himself than comes the great Acham naidu, and we all know what happened to the lady IAS officer, and few more ,

what the world is speaking silently and diplomaticly, I am having the guts to say it openly.

Chandrababu naidu Garu should not have given 3 portfolios to his son who never even won 1 elections.

and they are so many other factors like

1. Should have given ministry to paritala Ravi , so he would have been Alive today.

2. should have given Kcr ministry so he would have not gone out of the party and started a new party .

3. should have invited Mrs Renuka Chowdary Garu back into the party.

3. He should have respected NTR’S daughter purandeshwari Garu or Harikrishna Garu and given party post and respect.

Like this the list can go on but he never realised he not building an army rather he was one man army and build joker’s who saw self gain .

What startled me , is this family never went out of there way for they own family nor friends , except Bala Krishna ‘s family, coz his daughter brahmani is his daughter in law .

Chandrababu naidu Garu gave 3 seats to one family . What did any of Bala Krishna’s sons in law do to get these seats, did they work for the party , like if you see Jagan he slogged for 9 years and went into public , went through so many insults , downfalls, and God is kind, and see today what Jagan has achieved.

Its so sad for me to speak out openly , I am one among so many who stood by balakrishna in his murder trials but never asked any favour’s and when I called someone in the family for a very small work , they said we have to talk to lokesh babu, this answer shocked me .

I am close to the above family , but it has to be both ways , they never like dynamic people around them and they themselves are power thirsty .

But you can not expect more than this from current NTR or NARA family ,

I always quote this :

If you give water to Chandrababu naidu or Bala Krishna’s family they won’t give even toilet to drink .

But if you give water to YSR family they will remember to call and give you payasam or kheer with nuts loaded .

the glorious days in politics ended when the below leader have gone and this is when late Nandamuri taraka rama rao Garu reign was considered as Rama Rajyam and Late Rajashekhar reddy Garu’s reign was called rajaanna rajyam.

And my request is to give our honorable chiefminister Jagan Mohan reddy Garu time to settle in his new role and to understand the system and hopefully will be called a great CM and just not one more CM who won the election.